Pricing is based on number of units.

844-249-2356 toll free

678-413-1372 direct



Property Investor's you will receive the following

  • Direct Deposit
  • Owners online Portal 
  • Monthly Statement
  • Letter to Tenants
  • Maintenance Request
  • Tax form 1099 MISC


  • Personal online Portal for property 
  • Request Maintenance Service 
  • Pay with Check (free)
  • Setup Reoccurring payment
  • Pay with Debit Card or Credit Card

Additional Services: Eviction, Garnishment, Landscaping, Rental Analysis, Marketing, Tenant Placement, Home Inspection, Maintenance, Notary and Real Estate.

Rental Payment Service

Divine Estates, Rental Payment Servicesfor Property Owners/Investors for Residential, Commercial and Multifamily properties

Services are for all locations within USA and International with a US Banking 


Rental Payment Service will allow you to track when your tenant (s) have paid. This will eliminate late paying, but quick and convenient by paying day or night on any device. 

Make your investment look more professional with out going notification letters regarding your property such as: Late Notice, For Sale of Property, Inspection, Repair Schedule, etc... 


  • The Check is in the mail
  • I'm out of town and forgot to mail my rent
  • I missed the Bank 
  • Rental office was closed